College Life ♥️

Hey people, it’s my time to say goodbye to college life and to make a better career ahead.

3 years of my graduation come to end and how it passed away no idea about it, it’s memorable ♥️

When I used to be in college, I always think that what will happen in future, and now those days are just memories now.

Best friends, best teachers, crowd, campus, ground and all surroundings gonna miss them all.

I just want to say thank you to all my best friends and teachers, who supported me and gave so much of love during my entire graduation.

I came here in Mumbai for the first time and I’m overwhelmed that I have too many friends and people now, who know me and love me.

And yes take stress for the exams, if you’re not then results will give stress you. 😂😂😂

So much of pressure at the time of submission an assignment or something else, during presentations and giving internal and external board exams, oh god they were like killing us.

But chilling out with your loving ones is like living a beautiful life and nothing is left behind.

Just want to say that if you are in college just live that moments and they are unforgettable forever.

Live present, learn from the past and hope and make a better future.

Thank You So Much Khalsa College, Mumbai

Wahe Guru Ji ka khalsa, wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh. ♥️♥️




You are the one, who is gonna be with you.

You are the one, who face problems.

You are the one, who faces uncertainty.

You are the one, who goes through the baddest situation.

You are the one, who makes an impact on people.

You are the one, who motivates and keep growing.

You are the one, who loves and hates.

You are the one, who work and earn.

You are the one, who give and earns respect.

You are the reflection of you.

You are best friend and the worst enemy of you.

You are the one, who cross all the limits and want to explore everything.

You are the best achiever, believer.

You and only you.

So be you.

Because you will struggle for your life, no one will do it for you.

You have to go and get, Simple.

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31st December 2k18

Hey guys,

Today is the last of the year 2k18 and everyone is gonna chill out and gonna celebrate this day to make this special day.

I will say that 2k18 was the best year of all time and as long as time we upgrade ourselves and become more productive.

Year consists of 12 months and each month, even each and each hours, each minutes and seconds and every moment of life gives a journey and learning.

So today this day and year gonna be end and we will keep lots of moments and memories of our sweet journey of life.

Now the year 2k18 will be gone and will give a new hope to improve and correct our mistakes.

I will say that if you think that you hurted someone or you feel obsessed with something or have some reason, go and say sorry, forgiveness is the best part of life.

Make this day memorable and live a Happy life.

Go and get the opportunity and explore yourself.

Go and embrace your loving once and say them that they are very special for making this year a great year.

Friends, family, office colleagues and all people with whom you spend your time, always love them, give respect to them.

Go with flow and ups and down are the part of life. Happy and sadness is part of life.

Are you alone now, don’t be sad, you will meet with good people one day who will give the best time for you.

Broken heart, don’t bother it’s learning to improve and to be stay strong.

GOD give problem to check you how you gonna tackle and handle the life.

Everyone can’t be happy all the time and also sad all the time.

So that’s it

I am happy because I shared my thoughts to you guys and thanks to all to be part of my journey of my life.

Enjoy the day and all the best for new Opportunities and New Year.

A time to say goodbye (2k18) and a time to say hello (2k19).

Thank You Guys. ❤️❤️🙏✌🏻


Money is everything ??

Hey guys,

I thought to write something again on a different topic, I think it’s worth to write and you guys gonna like it.

Question is that, Is money is everything for us ??

So in my opinion answer is NO, why no because there is lot of reasons to know about that.

I have seen many people who have ego problem and talk shits about their life. People have money 💰 but it’s doesn’t make sense when you criticize someone for this. 

often you guys have seen people have a lot of money but they aren’t happy, why ?

You have money so don’t show like a you are the only one living on earth.

You can’t buy behaviour and respect with the help of money, be sure about it.

Love your life 💕 and be happy with what you have. People always love people who make a good relationship, be good with them, and loyal to them and i.e. MONEY. 

it’s just little excerpt I wrote it down here. 


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Phone 📱

Hey Readers,

I am here to write something about current generation/era of tech, how this changed us.

Technology have changed us a lot and now many of us can’t survive without help of tech, spending time too much on internet.

Now lump-sum everyone have smartphone and they are fully active on social media platforms.

We are continuously connecting with more and more new people on social.

But something is lacking behind because of this social media and internet.

I am not saying it is worse to use, no it is important for all of us but in certain limitations.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and uncountable Platforms are there available.

If I talk about myself, I am very active on all social media and spend enough time on it but one day I was thinking that why I am spending too much time on it.

Many of students like me they are connecting with people, chatting with them, sharing their moments of life (Virtually everyone is active), But when it comes to talk with people physically or talk to class standing in front of them, then we STOP WTF. and it’s true.

many of us shy when we stand in front of class or any other activities.

some girls shy to send their photos on social if she have fat body, she only click a pic covering her face and that’s it, ……… why this mentality because people will see you after posting on internet, ….. please through this mentality so far because you are who you are.

Only I want to say that we are talking Virtually with people but not Physically.

And that’s what is lagging in our generation, so plz go and talk to people, travel and get some inputs from public.

P.S:- I wrote very fast and didn’t checked again so plz excuse me for that.

To be continued on next post ..






I think traveling is best way to explore new things, Culture and behaviour of poeple.

Traveling is like you are connecting with people and knowing new things.

It helps to know others lifestyle, culture, diversity and many more.

Meeting with new people gives inputs and that can give us many benefits.

Nature matters alot that mountains, deserts and jungle Wow amazing kind of feeling and experience.


Father’s Day ❤️

Happy Father’s Day ❤🙏


He is rude at times. It’s okay.
He mocks at me. It’s okay.
He shouts at me. It’s okay.
He never says “YES” so easily. It’s okay.
We fight a lot. It’s okay.
We hardly spend time together. It’s okay.
He loves me like nobody.
He has given me the best smiles.
He is my good luck so far.
I admire every bit about him.
He is my happy tears! 💚
Wish him. Bless him. There is no soul like him.

© Yashica Priya

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