Hey Readers,

I think you are loving my posts.

I was busy earlier that’s why I didn’t posted anything.

By the way an inter-collegiate event on Disaster Management named REALM were going on in my college and every student who wanted to participate had to make a group on different topics.

So my group consist of 10 members and we decided to make project on Earthquake recently happened in Taiwan of 6.5 magnitude. Today we presented our project in the front of two judges, they were asking randomly any questions but we responded well.

So at least after all activities, Judges announced winners and winners are mostly from First year BMS.

(1) DANCE – winner and runner up they both are from First Year group

(2) SKIT – winner Velingkar college group and Runner-up first year group of our college

(3) CREATIVITY – 1st prize to Second Year based on Flood and another to first year group on Bhopal Gas Tragedy

So above are the distribution of trophies to all.

So plz make sure that when any disaster occurs don’t overwhelm and keep calm, use your mind what is best way to be safe, help to others if they are in problem.

Thank You ❤


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