Farmer’s Life

Hi guys,

India is an country with around 70% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon Agriculture. Why farmers are committing suicide ?

I am writing on this topic because people whom i going to talk their lifestyle is different, they are very different from others who are living a luxurious life, how they live and problems that they face in their life, Right guess, guys i am talking about Poor farmer’s who struggle a lot and try to make better future and happiness in life.

Poor farmers are working and sowing seeds for us, he is working for us not for himself.

in Maharashtra the ratio of farmer deaths is much more than other states in our country, in 2014, the National Crime Records Bureau of India reported 5,650 farmers suicide. Rcently in Marathawada a region in Maharashtra above 20 farmer’s committed suicide. there is the so many reasons have been explained why farmers are commit suicide in India, including: Floods, Drought, Debt and lower quantity pesticides due to less investments producing a decreased yield.

Debt (loan) and marriage of daughters is the main reason behind farmer commit suicide, is Indian government is taking any action ?

Government taken action like Maharashtra bill to regulate farmer loan term and Maharashtra relief package in 2010.

I request to the Government of India to take more actions and relief to farmers.

and i also request you guys that you should also help to poor’s and farmer’s as much as you can.

Thank You.


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