Interview Experience


Here I am gonna tell you about my interview experience in IndiaNivesh brokerage company.

I applied there for Internship through Frapp and after 2 days they shortlisted me and sent me a mail for interview in there corporate office in Fort in opposite to BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

My interview conducted at 3:00 PM.

I opened door, I saw 2 interviewer there (both ladies)

I said May I come in !

F1- Yes plz (smiling)

She said plz sit

Me- Thank you mam

F1- Tell me about yourself

Me- explained all about me in one minute

F1- what are your hobbies ?

Me – I explained about hobbies including cricket and traveling.

F1 – What do you know about our company (IndiaNivesh)

Me – I was doesn’t not know much more that time but I explained a little bit. (Nervously)

F1 – Why you selected for this position ?

Me – so I explained about my experience and my studies what I am pursuing and sector in which I am interested.

F1 – What is Capital Market ?

Me – explained

other lady interviewer (listening everything carefully) she was reading everything writing in my resume.

F1 – what is difference between Primary and Secondary Market ?

Me – explained what is the difference ( but not satisfactory answer)


F2 – Why you worked in KonaRRk company as a brand manager ?? (That was mentioned in my resume that’s why she asked)

Me – so i told why I worked there as a brand manager I said I don’t wanted to waste my time. (She quite impressed)

F1 – do you have invested any stock or any mutual funds ?

Me – no I don’t but I know the process of investment and when we should to choose best stock for investment purpose.

Okk (she said)

She asked me about What you want to be in your life or what is you aim ?

Me – I answered

After that she asked so many questions and answerd everything honestly.

They both satisfied with my answers and quality. 😊

Then they asked do you want to ask anything !!

I said no I don’t have any questions.

They said that you are done now you can leave.

I said thank you so much nice to talk with you ❀✌.

And I left.


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