Results 💯

Hey Guys,

Millions of students given exams of 10th and 12th of CBSE, ICSE, and many other state board exams.

Hope you guys you did your best in exams and i hope for your best results.

Today 29/04/2018 at 1:30 PM Uttar Pradesh Board 10th and 12th result to be declared and best of luck guys, hope your results will satisfactory as per your written exam.

CBSE results is to be announced in May and Maharashtra Board results to be announced in June.

What you have written in exam definitely you will get as mark.

So what i want to suggest you that guys either you get good mark or less mark or you failed the exam, don’t be stressed.


Marks never makes your career, your experience and extraordinary things and your knowledge makes your career.

Many of the students because of unsatisfactory results they stop studying and many commit suicide, WHY ??????????

Never do this in your life, because of failure you commit suicide or stop studying is not good thing.

You should to analyse your weaknesses and analyse what were the mistakes made by you.

And one thing for Parents, plz don’t shout on children if they didn’t get good marks

I request to all Parents to encourage your boys and girls for a better future, treat them with your past experiences, do them whatever they like.

Thank You Boys and Girls ❤

All the Best for your Results and Your Future.

I hope you like my this post, I have written what I think guys.

(Leave if some errors in my English grammar, understand my feelings 😂😅🙏)


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