Sem 4 Exam Over now


I am happy now because my Semester 4 exams got over of BMS course. (To kya tension khatm nhi nhi abhi toh bahut kuch Baki hai)

But now more exams have to come, 3rd Year exam and then I have do Post Graduation and more and more NO END………..

I want to thank my colleague Azam and Vinay for helping me in study and from all point of view.

I am now turning this post to another way but relates to study, If you want to do study in right way and want to score good marks then you should to keep in mind these things,

  1. Make good friends
  2. Be with them
  3. Ask everything related with studies when you are free
  4. I am not conveying you to only do study, you should to enjoy with them because friendship is life.
  5. Good friends will promote good behaviour and good way of learning and all
  6. Believe in your friends and make a mutual understanding
  7. Never underestimate them
  8. Sometimes Friends get angry not because of you, but because of many reasons so understand them, ask them to be cool and solve all things properly.
  9. More mind can solve more complex situation (questions), so make group of friends and start studying.
  10. Friendship is worth when you have best friends
  11. Never afraid to ask questions from your teacher, classmates
  12. Always participate in events, participate in debate competition, it will give you guts to speak and you will have more knowledge.
  13. Travel for relaxation
  14. Try to know new things
  15. If you are addicted to internet then use social media in ethical way because all the things related to studies, you can get on it
  16. Subscribe to websites which relates to your education
  17. Daily read newspaper
  18. Unity is important

Ok I tried to cover many things but I think a lot things left that I am not able to mention.






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