Muslims Religion β˜ͺπŸ•Œ

Hey Guys,

Just Read Carefully πŸ˜‰

This topic is very crucial for the our society because the mindset of many Indians are bad and inappropriate.

I always think that everyone is human being, only just the difference is cast and their own religion.

I always see people saying (Are ye to Muslim hai, are ye to is caste Ka hai) this type of mentality. They try to divide People.

A community is abused because of some bad people who create this type of mindset.

Our country is full of Muslims (172 million people who believe in Islam) and they are contributing their effort to the country.

And one simple example of unity between Hindu, Muslim or any religion is that they work for one Nation without taking any bias at the border.

Ek Hindu agar doodh (milk) deta hai too ek Muslim chay (Tea) Bana ke serve karta hai.

And I would like to telll you’ll about freedom fighters and celebrities of India who belongs to Muslim community, because Many people believe Muslims didn’t contribute to India’s Independence from the British rule.

1. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad – First education minister of India.

2. Dr. Zakir Husain – Third President of India and first president from Muslim community.

3. Syed Mohammad Sharfuddin Quadri

4. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan – known as frontier Gandhi

5. Ashfaqulla Khan – Indian Independence Movement Freedom Fighter

And APJ ABDUL KALAM ( former president of India) and a great scientist.

And there are may Bollywood actors and actresses also including Shahrukh Khan, Salman and Aamir Khan and many more

There is no count of famous Muslim People in every field, everywhere in the world.

only a Muslim guy rape someone ?? NO…. there is no guarantee

Only people have to think positive and first see their community before commenting on someone.

Be friendly with everyone, love them and you also be loved back.

If I have written anything wrong plz mention in comments don’t hesitate.

Thanks 😊

Next post coming soon ………….


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