Feeling Guilty For Grieving

Grief to Life

Did you know that the majority of people who have lost a loved one are made to feel guilty about their grief?

Did you know that someone grieving often isolates themselves, disconnects from people, because they feel misunderstood?

Unfortunately, a loved one left behind will often suffer in silence because they have been told:

It’s time to move on.

Aren’t you over this yet?

You need to stop dwelling on this.

It’s been long enough, it’s time to let go.

Aren’t you ready to get on with your life yet?

Or, some of my favorites:

He’s in a better place.

Time heals all wounds.

God needed another angel.

Everything happens for a reason.

Although, some of these things are said with the best of intentions, let me make this clear, they just aren’t helpful! At all!

We didn’t lose something that can be replaced. We lost a person. For…

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5 thoughts on “Feeling Guilty For Grieving

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  1. I followed Joni to you Nitin. Thank you both for bringing awareness to a feeling so deep, it truly takes one who has been through it to understand. Joni, I lost my child. To cancer i lost my dad, my favoured aunt (I was the daughter of her heart), my beautiful God given Christian aunt and my best friend. … A host of others as well, 35 in 5 years.
    Now you understand why I blog. I found you Joni and other beautiful souls that give my joy, melancholy too… But melancholy I understand, we are old friends. I send hugs to you both.

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