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Hey Readers,

I am here to write something about current generation/era of tech, how this changed us.

Technology have changed us a lot and now many of us can’t survive without help of tech, spending time too much on internet.

Now lump-sum everyone have smartphone and they are fully active on social media platforms.

We are continuously connecting with more and more new people on social.

But something is lacking behind because of this social media and internet.

I am not saying it is worse to use, no it is important for all of us but in certain limitations.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and uncountable Platforms are there available.

If I talk about myself, I am very active on all social media and spend enough time on it but one day I was thinking that why I am spending too much time on it.

Many of students like me they are connecting with people, chatting with them, sharing their moments of life (Virtually everyone is active), But when it comes to talk with people physically or talk to class standing in front of them, then we STOP WTF. and it’s true.

many of us shy when we stand in front of class or any other activities.

some girls shy to send their photos on social if she have fat body, she only click a pic covering her face and that’s it, ……… why this mentality because people will see you after posting on internet, ….. please through this mentality so far because you are who you are.

Only I want to say that we are talking Virtually with people but not Physically.

And that’s what is lagging in our generation, so plz go and talk to people, travel and get some inputs from public.

P.S:- I wrote very fast and didn’t checked again so plz excuse me for that.

To be continued on next post ..




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